How to behave if the child aggressive

How to behave if the child aggressive

Still yesterday friendly and tender, the kid in a flash became another. Insists on the and it is not considered with others opinion. What is it? A way to express itself, the correctness and independence or something other? It is necessary to establish the reasons of children's aggression. To understand how to fight against it how to behave. The parent, independently or through right councils has to understand a situation.


1. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the social party of children's aggression, namely: living conditions of family, the status of parents, the relations of the senior family members to each other and to children, addictions and dependences of the family.

2. As a rule, desire to be the witness necessary moves children. When in response to the requirements the child meets indifference, lack of interest in himself, to the needs, the conflict is about to happen. These moments can affect mental health of the child and cause children's aggression.

3. Some time parents can not pay attention to rage of the child, his rage, believing that such behavior is admissible at younger age. Then will read to be alarm when the child crosses line of permissibility when whims are succeeded by protection of the interests fists. Having conceded to the child who is in an aggression attack, parents thereby let know - this behavior model works and brings the result wished to the kid.

4. Punishment of the child for aggression only for a while will calm him. The offense for punishment will be added to complexity of communication that will even more embitter the kid, will force it to arrive contrary to councils of parents. The rage locked inside can be shown in any other look: offensive nicknames to peers in the yard, rage on, hatred to the people living in his family. To ignore aggression attacks, as well as to point at it attention - a passive form of communication with the kid.

5. It is important to explain to the child disapproval to its acts and behavior. To teach how to find a way out for aggression how to get rid of the collected irritation. To help to express feelings, without suppressing them in itself and to show how to use energy for peaceful affairs. To praise for progress and manifestation of the talents.

6. And the most important for parents is to love the child, to be to it a friend, the assistant and the mentor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team