How to behave in men's society

How to behave in men's society

Girls, getting to the company of representatives of an opposite sex, sometimes do not know how it is correct to behave to look worthy and at the same time to be a meek creature.

Rules of tactfulness

When you get to men's society, first of all you have to be tactful. Guys are irritated by vulgarity, roughness and pretentiousness. In women beauty, mind, politeness, correctness, sense of humour, erudition, sharpness and other qualities is very much appreciated.

The sense of tact is a result of good education, under construction on ability to respect opinion of people around, to listen to other people. One your accidental is inappropriate a word is capable to put about you rather negative opinion at men. Agree, will look very strange if in the company of guys you begin to laugh or release loudly rough comments on appearance of the people surrounding you.

You learn to keep the feelings and emotions under control. Never offend and do not humiliate the interlocutor. Put yourself to the place of other person. It would be for certain unpleasant to you if the young man behaved with you in this way. In everything there has to be sense of proportion. It concerns your curiosity concerning private life of your friends, persistence, impudence or barefaced flattery. If you decided to praise the man who is near you choose for this purpose an appropriate compliment and say it with a sincere smile. Remember that guys always notice your lie after which the opinion on you will deteriorate.

As it is necessary to behave with men

If you got to the men's company, try to be the pleasant interlocutor and to listen carefully to everything that you are told. Never interrupt the person who decided to tell friends some story. If you are going to insert any remark into dialogue or to share own opinion, wait when speaking finishes the story, and after that correctly express the thoughts. Be not vulgar and avoid trite humour. With men it is better to joke on more abstract topics. You should not be told in the men's company about the ex-boyfriends, it is unflattering to speak of them. Such behavior can arouse indignation of men. It is not necessary to flirt with people who surround you openly. If you very much liked any young man, wait for a right moment to hint it about the sympathy. Remember that on the card there is your honor and advantage which will depend only on your behavior. Behave adequately, then men will be crazy about you.

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