How to behave in the first days of pregnancy

How to behave in the first days of pregnancy

In the first weeks of pregnancy many important bodies of future baby begin to be formed. Therefore as soon as the woman learns about this new status, she has to adjust herself on a healthy lifestyle, healthy nutrition and to become very attentive to the organism, to react to the slightest signs of an illness.


1. At emergence of the first signs of pregnancy at once see a doctor. He will appoint all necessary researches and will draw up the subsequent action plan. Besides, the doctor will answer all your questions and will make recommendations about food and a way of life.

2. If you were not prepared for pregnancy in advance, then it is necessary to begin to treat these first days and weeks the chronic diseases and to raise immunity. Now it is a high time to be engaged in an oral cavity, to cure caries. Not cured infections can lead to problems with pregnancy. If you have a chronic cystitis, try not to provoke its aggravation.

3. The first days are the most dangerous time for an embryo. Even the slight cold can end with dying down of pregnancy or appearance of various pathologies in the kid. Therefore try to minimize the probability to ache. Do not appear in populous places in the period of epidemics of viral diseases, whenever possible take a vacation for this time if you work in big collective. The most artful disease for pregnant women is the rubella. If in the childhood you had no it, be careful - this disease is fraught with a large amount of defects at future child.

4. Have more a rest, properly care for yourself, it you care also for the child. You need the help and attention of people around, you are busy with the most important issue — incubation of the child. Whenever possible temporarily postpone some duties, you cannot raise weights and to do sharp movements. Walk in the fresh air, far away from the carriageway, use more vegetables and fruit, avoid stresses, you study a relaxation.

5. If you smoke, throw. If you are not able to refuse this habit then reduce quantity of the smoked cigarettes completely. Alcohol is very dangerous too, even in small doses. Its use can promote an otsloyka of fetal egg.

6. If in the mornings you are disturbed by nausea and an indisposition, before rise out of bed eat couple of croutons or cookies made since evening.

7. Stock up with good books and magazines for future mothers, talk to thematic forums. When there is a kid, for this purpose there will be not enough time.

8. Immediately ask for medical assistance at the following symptoms: - brownish or bloody allocations from a vagina; - stomach and back pain; - puffiness of the face and extremities; - temperature, weakness and dizziness; - the exhausting vomiting.

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