How to behave with the difficult teenager

How to behave with the difficult teenager

Awkward age of the child - the real test. He changes not only physically, but also psychologically, and at times at all gets confused in himself and becomes uncontrollable. But difficulties are experienced in this regard not only by teenagers, but also their parents. The correct behavior during this period - pledge of the strong relations in family.


1. Be patient. Continuous increase in a voice, scandals and shouts in the house will not become that the atmosphere which is necessary to the difficult teenager. You should show attention, cares and patience in the relations with the child. You should not take very much to heart any act which seems to you wrong. Having lost patience, you risk to lose the child.

2. Refuse strict control. Desire to know about each step of the child quite explainably, especially in awkward age when around there are so much temptations. But there is a certain border, having stepped over which you will break personal space of the teenager that will affect your relations. You will undermine his confidence if, for example, you begin to read its correspondence in phone or the computer. The only exit to watch his life, without causing rejection, - communication. Come into contact, become his friend, and then data on a circle of contacts and ways of pastime will appear in your hands with little effort.

3. Show hardness in right times. Sometimes nevertheless it is necessary to become the strict parent. So, if your child began to violate actively the standard rules in social life, it is necessary to take drastic measures. Same concerns also ignoring of the rules created in your house. Your authority has to be firm, otherwise the respect and obedience will be lost irrevocably.

4. Allow the child a certain degree of freedom. She has to say in independent decision-making on questions in which it it is possible to allow. Forbidding any feeble efforts towards independence, you will show disrespect and rejection of the teenager as persons. This moment can create a wall between you. At the same time it is important to observe a side: excessive guardianship, as well as excess of freedom, will become pernicious.

5. Desire to impose the mindset and lifestyle will not lead to anything good. The system of values at the child can differ radically from yours, but it is not an occasion to rank it as difficult teenagers and to seek to suppress any independence. Allow it to become that whom he wants, do not suppress manifestation of the personality. At a stage of its formation it can result in isolation and even aggression.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team