How to bring down temperature at newborns

How to bring down temperature at newborns

Emergence in the kid of symptoms of any given disease demands immediate reaction from parents and doctors. It is connected with the fact that many processes in a children's organism proceed very quickly. One of the first signs of the desease is temperature increase of a body. There are several ways of its decrease, however remember that all measures have to be carried out according to the recommendation of your pediatrician.


1. Not medicinal decrease in a temperaturyeta you can use methods before arrival of the doctor to facilitate a condition of the kid. Air the room, to the newborn and so hard and hot therefore fresh air will help to create the comfortable atmosphere for it. The fan and the conditioner can be used only if the current of air does not get directly on the child. If the kid often sweats, change clothes. It is better to use cotton linen. Change also more often a diaper on which the kid lies. Rub off the child's body the napkins moistened in warm water. Also you can make to the kid a compress on a forehead of the napkin moisturized with water of room temperature.

2. Surely you give to drink to the child First, plentiful sweating naturally will help to reduce temperature. Secondly, you prevent dehydration of a children's organism. As a rule, recommend to give to newborns on a teaspoon of boiled water everyone half an hour. If your kid very strongly sweats, then can give water in twenty minutes. Do not try to give to drink to the child more than it is necessary as from behind stretching of walls of a stomach the kid can have an emetic reflex.

3. Decrease in temperature by means of the drugs Begin can be given to the child medicine only after survey by the pediatrician. Usually he appoints any febrifuges and also antiviral and immunoperformance-enhancing drugs. For the newborn child it is better to choose drugs in the form of drops, solutions and candles. Strictly observe the sequence of intake of medicines and their dosage. It is also better not to mix medicine with dairy mixes or I go as in unfinished food there can be a considerable dose of medicine.

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