How to bring down temperature at the child: opinion of doctor Komarovsky

How to bring down temperature at the child: opinion of doctor Komarovsky

Temperature at the child delivers to parents a lot of concern. They try to facilitate as soon as possible a condition of the kid, available means reducing indications of the thermometer. Doctor Komarovsky advises to follow the rules allowing to define when to force down temperature at the child and as it is correct to do it.

According to famous doctor Komarovsky, parents should not grab febrifugal drugs at once. It is necessary to force down heat only if it reaches critical point (39 degrees and above). An exception – the children predisposed to febrilny spasms or the kids who are badly transferring temperature increase of a body.

Contrary to popular belief, the heat brings to an organism a certain benefit. High rates of the thermometer – response to inflammation. Increasing temperature, the organism of the child conducts active fight against viruses and microbes. Development of the natural defender of health – interferon begins.

Komarovsky holds the opinion that the disease at which temperature was actively reduced will longer proceed. Forcing down thermometer indicators, parents facilitate a state, but save an organism from natural protection and the subsequent development of immunity.

At emergence of temperature at the child Komarovsky suggests parents to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Give to the child more drink. Boiled water, tea, unsweetened compote will approach. Frequent drink helps to avoid dehydration. Also together with liquid viruses, defiant inflammation are brought out of an organism.
  • Do not use spirit or acetic grindings. Doctors consider them harmful to a children's organism. Toxic fumes can get inside, having even more worsened a condition of the kid.
  • Provide cool air indoors. Optimum temperature – +16-+18 degrees. It is a good physiological way to reduce temperature at the child. At the same time the clothes of the kid have to be quite warm not to allow overcooling.
  • Periodically air the room. Fresh air facilitates breath, reduces concentration of pathogenic microbes.  

If necessary to give to the kid febrifugal medicine Komarovsky recommends to apply drugs on the basis of paracetamol. They well proved as cure of decrease in heat for viral infections. It is convenient to babies to apply paracetamol in the form of candles, to children is more senior syrup approaches.

If temperature at the child keeps more than three days, cold symptoms join it: cough, cold, doctor Komarovsky advises surely to see a doctor for diagnosis and purpose of the correct treatment.

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