How to bring down temperature if the child is 1 month old

How to bring down temperature if the child is 1 month old

The birth of the kid is followed by emergence of a large number of the problems connected with his health and development. At temperature increase it is necessary to find an effective remedy.

The reasons and symptoms of the increased temperature

It is very important to watch constantly behavior of the newborn in time to define existence of a problem with health. At temperature increase of a body the kid begins to be capricious and cry for no apparent reason. Also the appetite is broken. These signs can turn out to be consequence of a serious disease or common cold. Viral infections, allergic reaction, banal overheating of an organism, various frustration of an endocrine system, etc. are the most common causes. The diagnosis is defined by the experienced pediatrician after survey of the child.

To take temperature, it is necessary to follow simple rules: - at measurement of temperature in a mouth or a rectum the indicators will be slightly higher, than in the axillary hollow;

- do not put the thermometer right after walk, bathing or feeding as indicators will be higher.

Effective remedies at the increased temperature

At monthly age the organism of the child is not capable to struggle with infections and viruses independently. It is considered to be that it is necessary to force down only temperature higher than 38.5 wasps. Of course, everything depends on features of the kid as some rather easily transfer high temperature, and at some spasms begin already at 38 OS. The choice of febrifuge is recommended to be entrusted the expert, but before his arrival it is necessary to facilitate a condition of the kid. When reddening integuments it is necessary to provide receipt to the room of fresh air, but without formation of a draft. It is also expedient to reveal him, allowing to normalize heat-exchanging process. As drink it is recommended to give preference to clear water as the organism of the newborn is not adapted for other drinks. For faster fall of temperature damp rubdowns help. On a forehead it is possible to put a cool napkin which needs to be changed constantly. Special attention should be paid to axillary hollows, wrists, inguinal folds, popliteal area as there pass the main vessels. The pediatrician has to appoint any medicines, considering age of the kid. As a rule, register rectal candles with the minimum dosage in monthly age. Various syrups with fragrances can cause allergic reaction in the newborn.

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