How to bring together the child in school: an instruction for parents

How to bring together the child in school: an instruction for parents

August for many is associated not only with summer holiday, but also with traditional gatherings of children in school. And even "skilled" parents sometimes panic: what should be bought surely and what it is possible to refuse? In a purchased rush it is possible to get a lot of superfluous, and to forget about important things. It is the best of all to make the detailed list of really necessary things.

Clothes for boys

Practically at all schools the dress code works, the school uniform is obligatory. At the same time each school can establish the regulations on what this school uniform has to be. Anyway, boys need a suit – trousers and a jacket. It is possible to acquire also "three" with a vest. Then purchase of a vest cotton or woolen disappears. 

To a suit one white shirt and 3-4 monophonic are obligatory. Shirts will well add 2-3 ties (children's models on special ties). Under a shirt it is better to put on cotton undershirts, especially to the children entering teenage age.

Suitable footwear will add a form. Black or blue moccasins are considered as an optimal variant. It is simpler to put on such footwear, legs in them sweat less. Give preference to moccasins from skin. As a last resort, it is possible to buy footwear with top from leatherette. But then be ready to what by the end of academic year they just oblenut.

And now about what is not obligatory to buy at all. It is possible to save on polo-necks which can be put on under a jacket. They are irreplaceable only if the school is badly heated. It is not obligatory to be spent at all and for ceremonial shoes in which the child a maximum descends on a ruler. And daily it is possible to walk to school and in usual sneakers.

For physical education classes usually at all schools of the requirement identical. You need a sports suit (trousers and a jacket) and three white t-shirts, exercises there undergo three times a week. And sneakers or gym shoes are considered as the best footwear. But you do not chase expensive brands, footwear and a form, certainly, have to be qualitative, but the budgetary brands. Quite often it happens so that expensive sports equipment from children is stolen.

Clothes for girls

Each mom sees the princess in the daughter and even in school wants it to dress beautifully. The choice of school dresses for girls is more, so, there is a temptation to buy up everything pleasant. But also here it is necessary to work reasonably.

What it is impossible to do without? Without blouses: one white elegant and 3-5 for every day. Daily blouses buy white color more often too, among them there are many excellent models. Dresses of bright coloring – red, green are not welcomed at school. Will better stop on beige, hushfully pink, faintly blue.

Under blouses T-shirts of corporal color will be necessary for the girl. The school uniform can consist of a set a jacket and trousers, a jacket (vest) and a skirt, a sundress. The sundress is considered the most practical, it can last for couple of school years. At some schools a ban on wearing trousers by girls is imposed, but if the school resolves, the trouser suit will be appropriate in cold time.

The closed shoes with a fastener around an ankle or moccasins will be suitable for "smenka". For sports activities the girls need too a sports suit (trousers can be replaced with leggings), three t-shirts, sneakers.

We pack a backpack

Choosing a backpack for the younger school student, most of parents give preference to models with an orthopedic back. On the one hand, such approach is justified – such backpacks are more convenient when carrying, are not deformed, are rather capacious. But all of them have also minus – the big weight of the backpack. As a result the backpack of the first grader can weigh up to 7 kg, and for the child it is big weight. If you plan to accompany the child from school and back, the meaning of a backpack with an orthopedic back disappears at all. And the cost of such models is very overstated. It is better to look for models with a back of average rigidity and surely facilitated weight.

Also filling of the backpack is important. Let's begin with a case. It is better to get a case with one office without investments. Put two handles, two pencils, a sharpener, an eraser, a ruler in a case. The ruler is more preferable wooden, it is more durable.

Get a special craft folder. Put a small oilcloth or a cloth, a rag for hands in it. And here what paints and pencils will be useful at a lesson, the teacher has to prompt. As a rule, this list includes classical watercolor paints and gouache. Somewhere can ask to buy in addition pastel paints and wax crayons. On "trifle" you should buy the diary, notebooks, covers for them. And here covers for textbooks often should be bought with fitting, because of their non-standard sizes (for example, for handbooks on a foreign language).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team