How to bring together the child on the beach

How to bring together the child on the beach

Beach vacation with the child – an action at the same time cheerful and responsible. The rare kid prefers to spend quietly time on a plank bed under an umbrella, reading the book or listening to music. The child needs to move, change activity, to constantly learn all new and interesting. Therefore, being going to the beach, attentively study the bag.

It is required to you

  • - volume bag;
  • - sun-protection means;
  • - inflatable oversleeves / vest;
  • - mattress or a circle for swimming;
  • - toys for sand;
  • - sunglasses;
  • - Panamanian/cap;
  • - water;
  • - fruit/dried fruits;
  • - towel;
  • - replaceable linen.


1. Being going to the beach with the child at the same time think of two things: its safety and classes. Remember that it is necessary to be by the sea only in safe time (in the morning up to 12 and in the evening after 16 hours). Put better to carry out houses / in number.

2. Surely use sun-protection means even in "safe" time. At the very beginning of rest choose a spray/milk with higher level of protection. It is necessary to put means somewhere in ten minutes prior to an exit to the beach: it has to manage to be absorbed. It is necessary to reuse it each 1.5-2 hours and after bathing. Therefore surely take a bottle.

3. Not only skin, but also the head needs protection. Do not forget to put a panama or a cap on the kid. Also it is necessary to take care of eyes: children's sunglasses in a plastic frame will help to keep sight.

4. You remember entertainments: it will be boring for child to sit in one place. Take with yourself a rubber ring / sleeves and an air mattress. By means of these means the kid will be able to be bought much together with you even deeply. Children of more advanced age will like masks and tubes for studying the underwater world.

5. Put a shovel, a bucket and a set of molds in a bag. These simple devices for a long time will distract the child. Also the things corresponding to the interests of the kid will be useful. For example, book coloring, paper and handle, dolls and so forth.

6. It is interesting to spend time also the ball will help. If the child absolutely small, use beautiful inflatable products. For children is more senior it is possible to take a ball for playing volleyball.

7. You remember thirst which will quickly overtake the kid on a heat. Surely put in a bag a bottle of water or the cooled tea with a lemon. Any fruit will help to satisfy hunger. Do not take sweet juice or sparkling water and also refuse cookies, chocolate and other low-useful products.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team