How to bring up in 1.5 years

How to bring up in 1.5 years

It only at first sight seems that the kid in 1.5 years does not need to be brought up – too the pier is small – and it is worth caring for it. But it absolutely not so. In process of its growth and development it is very important to master and use various methods and methods. And at any age the main means in education of the child is a love.


1. Objectively estimate your achievement remains. Children up to 2 years differ with the opportunities. Therefore you do not approach the child with the general measures and do not compare to ""neighbors"". Education and development has to be gradual, forward (from simple to difficult).

2. Try not to react to flashes of whimsical behavior of the child: crying, anger, scattering of toys and things. If it does not threaten health of the kid, then it is better not to notice it. Difficult, of course, but so you will be able to show it that shout, crying and whims he will achieve nothing. If the child begins to be capricious, badly to behave, distract him, switch attention to something else.

3. You praise the kid for good acts, good behavior. Collected toys – the good fellow, it is possible to please with something the child.

4. Create conditions for good behavior of the tot. For example, buy beautiful baskets for toys – they will please the kid, will create a cosiness and he will put with pleasure in them the things.

5. A look, body language, gestures show your attitude towards behavior of the child. To such tots it is very difficult yes sometimes and it is impossible to explain that it does something not so, incorrectly.

6. Apply a logical chain, the sequence. For example, breaks toys – take away them for a while. Repeat such actions several times. So the kid will learn to understand that what is not pleasant to parents, leads to deprivation him something, i.e. to punishment. Constantly draws on a wall or wall-paper, force it to help to wash up a wall and remove a pencil for some period.

7. Patiently show, give an example of the correct behavior. Do together with the kid, you learn a personal example.

8. After a request maintain pauses 1-2 minutes, then repeat that you want from the child. But pauses should not be more than 5 minutes. And always keep own promises.

9. And very important council: your requirements to the child have to be uniform. It is impossible to assume what mom forbade, and dad resolved, or on the contrary.

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