How to bring up the champion

How to bring up the champion

The champion is a highest title in sport. This is the person confident in the forces. The champion is a successful athlete who is always ready to come to the rescue of those who take only the first steps in sport. In what way it is possible to create similar qualities in the child?


If your child does sports, then it is necessary to accustom him that he has to attend classes (trainings) regularly. The child together with parents needs to make a daily routine to which it has to follow strictly. Many trainers claim that the discipline in children's sport in many respects resembles discipline in army that in the majority is true.


This quality is formed all adult life. So if you decided to increase its level, you are able to do it at any time. Cultivate in the child feeling of respect for people around and to yourself. Where can he learn it how not in own family? The main thing to set younger generation a worthy example. Be not too strict - it can damage to the child's self-assessment


It is very important that the child had content from process of trainings that it liked classes and competitions. Would be ideal if he sought to do quicker homework as soon as possible to appear not to a training.

Parents should not interfere with process of trainings, completely trusting professional skills of the trainer. They have to help it, caring for the child and to regularly drive it on classes. It is important to parents to maintain the interest of the child in sport, to talk to it about new achievements, opportunities, progress and failures. Pay attention to the emotional party of the child. Find out the reasons of his experiences and help to cope with them. Thus, the trainer has to train, and parents - to help and encourage the child.


One of the most important parties of the champion is occupied by food. I think, all understand that there is a direct dependence: the food at your child will be more qualitative, the it will be easier for it than heights planned to reach. It is necessary to avoid some fried and greasy food, chips, ""harmful drinks"" like Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, Fanta and so forth. Natural products which will provide him with energy and the main construction material (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) in the correct proportions are important for future champion. It is very important to organize the correct drinking mode where usual water will prevail over other liquids. The norm of the use of water is 30 mg/kg a day.


Here too it is necessary to derive pleasure. Competitions is a process from which result should not influence encouragement for the child. It is just a way to estimate work for a certain period. If you see future champion in the child, then it will be better if you discuss some details of classes with the trainer and if the financial position allows then and to make the plan of individual trainings. Be defined what heights your child wants to reach. Proceeding from abilities of your child, you can make the plan of its development in sport for 10-15 years ahead: how many and what medals he wants to win in what competitions to participate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team