How to bring up the child and not to go crazy

How to bring up the child and not to go crazy

Efforts to become the best mother for the child not always result in desirable result. Of course, any mother wants to be the best for the child, but, unfortunately, it is not always possible. Especially when you are in time nothing, the husband comes back later and later from work, and children run on all house and shout, absolutely ignoring a request to reduce turns and to calm down.

1. Embrace the kid and do not release within 2 minutes

In spite of the fact that it seems ridiculous, the touch has magic force. When you are angry, and your child discomposes you, sit down near him and strong embrace. Bad emotions will quickly leave. Already very long time ago it is known that the person needs to embrace ten times a day, thereby increasing in it feeling of happiness and full value. Do you want to raise the self-assessment, and also to grow confidence in the child? Embrace! Especially when you become angry. 

2. Make a deep breath

Sometimes we forget about breath that is absolutely wrong. Instead of shouting, count to ten and deeply breathe. It will help you to calm down and level a mental state.

3. Ask the kid that he went to the room for 10 minutes

In anger it is possible to tell many unpleasant words. If your child does not obey, you need time for yourself to calm down. You can be sure that you in a few minutes after a break with tenderness will embrace again the fidget, but at first stay alone with yourself.

4. Laugh

It is the best of all to discharge tension laughter. Begin to dance, include the favourite comedy, you pobesitsya with the child. You will not even notice how the mood will return to you. The best medicine for all an illness − is laughter. Accustom themselves to accept any situation with humour. It you not only will help yourself, but also teach the child to treat the world around much more simply.

5. Be ready

Children − it is children, and you are adults. Kids study everything from you so prepare that there are some things which they do not realize. Talk to the child, repeat the same several times and prepare that, despite all your explanations, the kid will surprise you with the behavior still more than once. So they are arranged. At first study your reaction to the act, then repeat it. And if the second time they see from you the same reaction, then understand that it is necessary to learn a lesson and more not to act this way.

6. Develop an own agenda

When everyone knows the duties and knows how day looks, it is much more difficult to lose the head and to spend time for nothing. Planning the days of the week, you will be nervous less. Everything has to be accurate also according to the schedule. Accustom the child to the schedule. Several days later you will notice that you had a huge number of free time.

7. Think of feelings of the child

Before to make something or to tell, think what feelings will be caused in the child by your reaction. You want to avoid tears, insults and quarrels. Though children also try to understand adults, we for them real mystery. We praise, we punish. It is the best of all to find golden mean and to adhere to it. Any conflict can be solved with a smile and kind words.

8. Think of yourself

We always think of ourselves in the last turn. If you are not happy, your children will not be happy too. Make sometimes something pleasant for yourself, relax and enjoy silence and tranquility. Mom is happy, the kid is happy! You love yourself - then you will be fallen in love by others.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team