How to bring up the child in the spirit of new generation

How to bring up the child in the spirit of new generation

Earlier special attention was paid to education of children. Part in it was taken by all: parents, grandmothers and grandfathers, and even state. Day nursery, a garden, school were under attentive observation of people around. It obliged to follow the standard rules which defined moral and spiritual personal development.

Now everything exchanged. There are no mandatory requirements, education began to gain some permissiveness. The social environment in which there is a teenager today, dictates the rules. And they not in favor of formation of normal, healthy society. There is a question and as to us in the future to see the children spiritually and emotionally healthy, and, above all socially adapted in the society existing today.

The main development, education of the personality, is put in the first years of life. Feelings and habits, traits of character, creative thinking, emotions are formed. In this period children are raised by parents who have a different idea of what the child has to be. The large role is played by congenital inclinations which are defined by genes of relatives, formed for centuries.

The kid grows up, goes to a garden, meets other children and sees that their behavior differs. Everyone behaves as he got used at home. In a toy garden the general, not all children understand that they need to share with other children. It is impossible to offend each other, it is necessary to help. Observing, the child adopts such behavior model new to it, tries to repeat because for it it is other experience. In such cases it is desirable for adult who is nearby to prompt that it is not good to offend, the toy can share, to help the companion. But today seldom who interferes with educational process because many parents do not react to a remark, consider that it is not so important. And some perceive very violently. Further the child goes to school, meets other violations of the rules, in his understanding. Thus, the social environment influences further development already of the teenager. Dynamics of development of the modern world also introduces the amendments.

Often present us various systems of development of children who practice in different countries. Many parents began to adopt foreign schemes of education. All these systems suitable for the different countries cannot take root in the certain state. The habitual, developed for years standards of behavior of our ancestors are as a result violated. It suffers damage to the correct development of society.

How it is correct to bring up younger generation, many books and grants are written, theoretically it has to work. But practically to realize these ideas, the corresponding, social, vital conditions are necessary. We begin to face an interaction problem with each other. Especially we cannot isolate the person from society, our life is arranged so that we live in collective. The conflicts are inevitable, as is observed today.

 Example 1

Children about 3 years in a sandbox play, nearby watch them mothers. Let's assume, Dima approaches Artyom, asks a shovel. Artyom, of course, gives, it knows that it is necessary to share. Then it wants to take away it back, and Dima with enthusiasm plays, does not give. Then Artem's mom says to Dima what you played, let's also Artyom play. Dima's mom at this dialogue would have to be connected to a conversation, but she does not do it. Other approach to education means at her, can "Japanese" or "Chinese", not important, it is already potential conflict.

 Example 2

There is a passerby, two teenagers towards run, playing on the run. One is more senior from everything to a move beats the head, who is less than that. The passerby makes a remark, boys run further, without paying to it attention, after them there is dad. Without tearing off the head from phone, throws a phrase - "It is not necessary to make them a remark, it not your business". On the one hand, really, it not business of the passerby, let his children beat the friend, the friend. And on the other hand, his children will come to school, a garden tomorrow, will offend others. With such approach to education, problems will arise at a number of the living people.

 What to do?

As to us to return and to return our children, to a condition of morality and spirituality. It is important to keep itself, the acquired skills of character. Not to lose such qualities as love, good, sympathy and desire to come to the rescue. At the same time to live, without disturbing, and helping each other. A difficult task, under yourself you will not change all. What to reconcile? No, life of our posterity is staked. Then it is necessary to change education tactics. What can be changed?

 All of us got used to the set of the basic rules developed decades. Not to offend girls, they weak, and boys strong and besides noble knights. Small it is necessary to protect, help them if suddenly something is impossible to them. Seniors it is necessary to respect, react to their remarks. Councils of parents need to be considered because bad will not be advised. Tutors, teachers, teachers are our mentors, they are called to correct our first errors, to help us, to pave the way to light life. We understand that today, in our real conditions, it is problematic, to impart such living position to younger generation.

 Perhaps, it is necessary to introduce amendments in education. It is necessary to form at children, own, assessment. Violence should not proceed from you, never begin the first. It is always necessary to be protected if there is no opportunity to resolve an issue peacefully. To analyze and choose the correct decision inherent in your education. If the son or the daughter, tell about the unfair attitude towards themselves, it is necessary to teach it, to be ready most, to a right exit from the conflict. Thus, we will promote moral development of the child, in his own view of a situation.

Example. The teenager comes from school home, you catch a smell of cigarettes. Do you ask, you smoked? - No, he answers. Why do you dodge, deceive me, I catch a smell? – I stood just nearby, my friends all smoke, parents allow them. At the same time the teenager knows that he tells a lie. What here to tell? Really today many adults argue so: ""Will smoke all the same, let we will be better to know about it"". Friends will persistently invite it is inconvenient to smoke and be distinguished from them. And why not to be allocated with the identity, it is so original, all smoke, and I do not? At the same time I keep health, youth. Economy too today important factor. At the same time I am honest in relation to myself, I do not break the moral criteria put since childhood. Decision this my, conscious. Great!

 Example. Veronika is 17 years old, the girlfriend made a beautiful tattoo on a shoulder, offered it too, today it is fashionable. The fashion business serious, it dictates the rules, young people are committed to it. Having judged, Veronika solved, not to hurry, and suddenly she will meet the young man, they will fall in love with each other. "Tatu", of course, not an obstacle, but nevertheless? Not all are positive to it. And adult mom as will look what to tell to the growing-up daughter.

 As a result of the person it is necessary to learn since childhood, to find arguments which should be brought under base of the education. And they have to be to it on advantage. It turns out that the defender of the values, today you.

This article for further discussion of not indifferent parents, maybe, who will argue or will bring the reasons, councils. Dare!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team