How to bring up the child strong

How to bring up the child strong

Strong character – not the congenital, and acquired quality, but from the birth all children have high potential, and depends only on parents whether they will be able to bring up the child the strong personality and to develop this potential. In the course of formation of the personality the character of the child changes, and you in forces to influence these changes, having started up energy in the child to the favorable course and working on education since childhood. How to organize education of the child to help it to become the strong personality?


1. Since childhood accustom the child to simple work – realizing the duties, the child will become more responsible and also he will feel own importance if you charge it some chores. Set the child own example – always keep promises, in time and diligently carry out the obligations for the house that the child could learn from you and adopt your type of behavior.

2. Teach the child to respect work, to feel satisfaction from performance of an important task and to help others. At school, teachers are connected to education of the child and also the school program – lessons literatures can give to the child many knowledge of area of honor, discipline, fidelity, a debt, and various moral categories.

3. Gradually the child finds intuitive understanding good and bad, and it allows it to understand people and to make a right choice, estimating own behavior.

4. The school complements education of the child with a serious contribution to its sociable abilities, improves discipline, learns to follow rules and orders, as at school, and at home. The systematicity, accuracy, commitment and organization are also very important for the child at this stage.

5. Observe with whom the child and what relations develop at him with society is on friendly terms. Friendship with peers, mutual aid, ability to share – all this helps to grow up the child the strong personality, and it is possible, the leader of collective.

6. Forming outlook of the child, help it to construct own system of values and ideals and also help to define orientation in the future – the child gradually will begin to realize in what his vital purposes and by what moral installations and standards of behavior they will be caused consist.

7. Focus activity of the child so that he constantly saw before himself model of the correct behavior in different life situations. The child has to get from time to time into difficult situations in which he has to make independently the decision and make a choice – the character is quite so formed, certain internal beliefs are created, and support of the child, but not elimination of difficulties becomes a task of parents in that case.

8. Always maintain individual approach to each child, listen to his feelings, define motives of his acts. You will help the child to find it yourself and to develop the best qualities of character.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team