How to bring up the child successful

How to bring up the child successful

Difficulties and adversities – reality which people on the course of life face. Often at people around a false impression is made that some lucky are always accompanied by good luck. Actually, as a rule, the whiners and pessimists only complaining of vicissitudes of life are not lucky. Unlike them optimists face to troubles, quietly analyze a situation and overcome obstacles. That your child was always accompanied by good luck, try to teach him to enjoy life.


1. It is much simpler to optimists to live in this world, they cope with difficulties easier and solve complex problems. To teach the child to enjoy life, always try to notice and emphasize all good near you: a bright sun, beautiful flowers, a green grass, singing of birds, frosty patterns on glass, etc. Try to find positive around you and in bad weather, and on unlucky days.

2. Since early years you teach the kid of independence moderately of his opportunities. If the baby wants to make something itself, allow it to try at least. Is a spoon, to put on sandals, to water flowers, etc. never happens early. Still it is impossible to the child independently, he begins to be nervous - just in time come to the rescue, calm, help to find a mistake. You treat all its children's affairs and problems it is serious, trying to understand and support the baby. For the little person it is very important to know that the loving parents – also his best friends whom he can address for council and the help at any time.

3. You praise the kid not only for result, but also for the made efforts. But the praise has to be real, only for real achievements. Such approach will help the baby to understand that to achieve the objective, it is necessary to work thoroughly.

4. Do not vent the spleen upon the child if you have a bad mood. Minimize all negative manifestations: the increased or mandative tone, estimated judgments and comparisons with other children. You teach the kid not to focus attention on negative experiences. Discuss with it all difficult situations, trying to understand why there was any given event as it is possible to avoid or prevent its repetition.

5. You teach the baby to get acquainted and communicate with peers, to share toys, to give gifts. Optimists are able to overcome obstacles by own forces or relying on friendly support. By the way, also the ability to ask for the help or council the friend is of great importance. Lonely, not capable to find adherents and friends of people, it will be hardly successful and will be able to achieve much.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team