How to bring up the child sure

How to bring up the child sure

Self-confidence is a belief that you can correctly cope with any given situation. For this purpose it is necessary to have necessary knowledge, skills. Confidence at children is formed in the course of education.


1. The large role in education of children's confidence is played by the attitude of parents towards abilities of the child. They can support the kid in his activity, help to understand and consider mistakes, to explain ways of solving the task, to learn to find necessary information. In that case the child will know that to be mistaken – not terribly. The main thing is to set the object and to try to obtain its realization. The child needs to explain that on the way to the purpose the set of difficulties can meet. Teach him not to be afraid of it. In overcoming difficulties the experience and commitment is formed, the character becomes tempered.

2. In addition, own example of parents is important. If they are not self-assured, show doubts concerning the solution of any given problem, then it will be difficult for them to cultivate confidence in the child. Constant doubts in the correctness make the child uncertain. To the contrary, seeing courageous, self-assured parents, the child will seek to resemble them. Over time he will also learn to be responsible for the acts.

3. Formation at children of self-confidence is influenced by collective. If the child is accepted in group, his opinion is accepted by the others, to it listen, then over time he becomes confident in the forces. It is also influenced by participation of the child in various actions. Preparation of number, a performance before public gives important experience. He will not be afraid of negative assessment of results of the activity by people around and will learn to perceive constructive criticism.

4. Also in many respects depends on the teacher as far as the child is confident in collective. Its task is to create conditions for formation of confidence of each child. It is impossible to assume that in group there were outcast children. Each child is individual. Accounting of its individual abilities gives the platform for confidence development.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team