How to bring up the child without a word ""no"

How to bring up the child without a word ""no"

Each parents understand that it is impossible to allow the child to do everything that to him will want. But also speak ""no"" to them courage can't be enough too. In this case in order that the child obeyed without any bans, it is necessary to be with him absolutely honest. Each parents want to be friends of the child and to be for them a role model, indulging often even in the silliest inventions of children, being afraid to offend the child refusal. Generally is not present sounds when business concerns health and safety of the child. Try to explain to the child why you refuse to him, he has to understand. Show it what you trust it that he can make the right decision.


1. Talk to him as with the adult. The conversation in an adult way not only will support the child as the adult, but also will teach him to rules of conduct in society, morals and to etiquette. Never raise the voice on the child if you want him to grow up quiet and the well-mannered person.

2. You teach politeness. Consider that children study, generally on examples, but not in words. Therefore if you want to teach the child to politeness pay attention to the relationship in family. Avoid curses in the presence of the child, otherwise he can begin to use them in the speech. It is very difficult to disaccustom then him to it.

3. Recognize mistakes. Parents are wrong too. To recognize the mistake even before the child only on advantage. The child will see that mom and dad can be mistaken too, and will normally perceive it. It is very important to let know to the kid that the mistakes need to be recognized, corrected and it is obligatory to apologize for them, the value of the acts is so formed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team