How to bring up the clever and purposeful child

How to bring up the clever and purposeful child

To bring up the clever child – a dream of each parent. The aspiration to self-development will become a fertile basis for formation of the personality successful and useful to society. And not only teachers and psychologists have to take responsibility for it... Let's get acquainted with councils of the master of an intellectual game "That? Where? When?" Maxim Potashev how to bring up the clever child.

You should not plan the future for the children

This very first and main rule. To some parents it is peculiar to think over till the birth of the kid at what school and with what bias he will study what circle to visit what sport to do. Such approach will only limit your child, will create the diffident and weak-willed personality. Unless you dream of it? It will be more correct to provide to the child the choice. He has to decide on a type of scientific and sports occupation. Of course, on it it needs time. But the child needs to pass the road of tests and mistakes. Parents can only direct, but not select option.

You should not "train" the child

What does it mean? Often parents literally "breathe" over the child when that does homework or is engaged in some business. At the same time they constantly comment, straighten out, consider that they help, but disturb … as think what you receive as a result? The depressed and indecisive child who will hardly resignedly respect you. And it is possible to arrive differently, it will yield much bigger and positive result. Become an example of independence for the kid. Offer it the help. And in case of refusal do not insist and do not control.

Sources of knowledge have to be different

Every time has the features in respect of the rate of cognitive activity. And agree to obtain useful information from books and from teachers, somehow it is not enough during the digital age. Do not disturb the child if he on any question "hung" on the Internet. Even if it does not concern study. Process of search of necessary knowledge is very important for development of the child. On the contrary, encourage children's interest. For example, it is possible to buy the e-book, or "eReader", or to find interesting data on the world and to share them with the child.

You should not forbid, better to carry away

One more council from Maxim Potashev. Children will always find roundabout ways of the bans. Especially, similar restrictions will spoil your trusting relationship with the kid. It is more correct to undertake again a role of "napravitel" and to try to carry away the child in more useful, in your opinion, party. For example, if he was captured by computer games, do not shout, do not stamp legs and do not forbid. Offer better a game which will develop him.

You should not teach the child, to learn to study more correctly

Kind of you neither forced, nor reprimanded, the child will go on the way. It is not necessary to control instructively his hobbies, to criticize. A task of each parent, according to Maxim Potashev, is not to teach, and to teach to study. It is necessary to interest, motivate, carry away. Even better – to be a worthy example for the child.

Also you should not forget that your kid has to be comprehensively developed. Therefore to place emphasis only on intellectual activity – a mistake. Sport and art – an integral part of the correct education. Team sports competitions, creative competitions train mind too. All this a magnificent opportunity to direct the child to success and creation. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team