How to bring up the exceptional child

How to bring up the exceptional child

The exceptional child in family is both joy, and a problem for parents. He differs from other children in the increased inquisitiveness, requirement to receive knowledge as soon as possible, the critical attitude towards itself(himself) and towards others. It is difficult for exceptional child to interact in group of peers since its interests considerably differ from the interests of all other children. Correctly organized process of education helps to keep this gift, to become the child successful not only in study, but also accepted in society.


1. It is known that children are born with identical inclinations, i.e. have approximately equal opportunities for development of abilities. That the endowments were shown, conditions for development of these abilities have to be created. Not without reason, the term etymology endowments proceeds from the root "gift", i.e. parents or teachers can present to the child an opportunity to become gifted. Such conditions can be created specially or the child initially lives in family, for example, of artists and has an opportunity from early age to join this activity, to involuntarily acquire technology of the image, to try different paints, to find ways and forms of the image, most it satisfying.

2. The gift received from adults needs to be trained, developed, constantly to support. Also emotional support of parents – joy for progress of the child is important; and granting an opportunity in methodical support, i.e. timely satisfaction of inquiry of the child in knowledge acquisition on development of the new technology of the image or development of sports skills. It will demand from parents of additional investments and means on maintenance and development of abilities.

3. For maintaining endowments and formation of social success, the child needs to be brought up in group of peers. In usual kindergarten or at comprehensive school it can have difficulties both in communication, and in knowledge since perception of a training material happens at the different intellectual level, and to play such kid, most often is not able. Teachers complain of it: he asks inconvenient questions, most quicker answers on classes (does not let other children think, to find the correct answer), states the point of view differing from the others. Therefore the level of intellectual development of children in collective has to be approximately same, as well as at it. For such child the school or a class will be suitable for exceptional children.

4. The exceptional child lives the ideas, reflections. He has a rich inner world. But at the same time, he often does not pay attention, to such trifles as appearance. Having thought, he puts on a shirt a wrong side or different socks. Important since early childhood to cultivate accuracy. During the work with paints to pay attention not only to result of work, but also to a workplace of the child which has to be clean, on clothes which should not be soiled. To show to the child beauty not only creativity, but him who is accepted in society "on clothes".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team