How to bring up the obedient child

How to bring up the obedient child

Education of children not such a simple task as can seem from outside. The child needs not only love and attention, but also the management. Any parent wants the child to be obedient. There are several important rules of education of obedient children.


1. Do not indulge the child, referring to his age. Especially it concerns those parents who have several children. If younger behaves badly in relation to others, does not matter that it the smallest in family. Responsibility for the actions and acts has to take root to the child as soon as possible.

2. Not too indulge the child, especially if he only in family. If he every time receives that he will want moreover and in the best view, for it soon it will become the norm. At the slightest failure to follow its requirements it will begin to be let in a roar. The spoiled child cannot be obedient. He is too concentrated on own I. Meanwhile nobody forbids to surprise pleasantly from time to time the child, buying by him sweets or toys.

3. You teach the child to understand you, to understand your position. The three-year-old child can already explain well that, for example, if you do not have with yourself money, then you cannot buy him candy or a toy whatever strong his desire was. You remember, the child cannot constrain the emotions as the adult. Therefore if he cries, wait the painful moment, and then quietly talk to it. Refusing purchase of the next trifle, you remember that your refusal has to be firm and implicit.

4. Talk to the child about his behavior, how it is important to obey seniors, about what is bad and that is good. Become the friend to the child, but not the heartless tyrant. Let him speak on family councils. He has to understand that it is important in the family. The child begins to obey when he is not intimidated and do not influence him shout and abuse and when communicate with it, it is asked and asked.

5. Remember that there are no ideal children, and, respectively, ideal obedience from their party cannot be too. You love and respect the children, try to follow the above rules of education and do not forget to set a positive example of behavior.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team