How to bring up the real man

How to bring up the real man

Often women complain that there are no real men nearby. In this case they can sympathize. But if to look at this situation on the other hand, then ourselves, women who have sons bring up these men. As to bring up the real man to be proud of him in the future?


1. The father has to be engaged in education of the man. And since the birth. As education it, first of all, imitation, copying of behavior of parents. The words of the father will mean to the child little if they disperse from his acts. Therefore girls should mean that most likely their future son, will resemble in many respects dad.

2. The man has to be strong, i.e. he has to make decisions and be able to take the responsibility for these decisions. Now parents should think whether they give the chance to the let and to the little little son independently to make decisions and to be responsible for them?

3. Freedom begins with restriction of and the desires. This point besides is more for fathers - inspire in the son since childhood the scheme: "" All the best for mom, the sister, the grandmother because, they are girls. Then - to a cat, a dog, a hamster - because they are helpless and dependent on us. And, in the last turn, to us with you - because we are men.""

4. Psychologists claim that the child realizes himself as the personality since three years. From this age it is necessary to begin to say to the child that he is a man. That the real man has an obligatory word ""Has to"". And the man a lot of things has to. To be able to forgive, suffer, overcome itself, to be able to be tender, to be able to be rough when it is necessary, to be able to be mistaken and accept the mistakes, to be able to be responsible for the words and acts, i.e. to be able to be a miscellaneous.

5. Even to the small child it is necessary to treat as the adult. And it does not mean at all that it is not necessary to love him, to play with him, to forgive him small misses, to smile to him.

6. The child can be mistaken. He only begins to explore the world. In it men are very similar to children, they constantly expand borders of the existing world. The man has to be active, curious, he is the world engine. Therefore it is not necessary to punish the son for mistakes, it is necessary to teach him to accept the mistakes and to correct them independently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team