How to bring up the real man in the boy

How to bring up the real man in the boy

Each mom having the little son in the future wants to bring up in him the person who will become a man in every sense of this word. She perfectly understands that having become the mother-in-law, she does not want to look in the opinion of the daughter-in-law, that mom who spoiled the child. The character and its quality are formed at infantile age.

Already from early age mom needs to address the child as the male. You should not call the boy the kid or "busy", and it is better to focus his attention on such addresses as my defender, the sonny or the athlete. Better if people around also call the boy.

It is not necessary to show before the son the force and ponderability because the woman for him, first of all, has to be a woman. The love, tenderness and caress can be shown him in a different way - having embraced and having kissed, thereby he will learn to sympathize with mom, to appreciate and respect her. In the future it will help him with communication with an opposite sex. In this question the most important not to go too far and not to forget about the parental authority. You should not suppress its initiative, giving at the same time the chance to study on the mistakes. The child has to self-fulfill. 

Since childhood the kid is obliged to understand in what differences between male occupations and women's. For this purpose toys in the house have to be only for the boy. It is already possible to attach to school of the son together with dad closer, to perform man's work on the house. To hammer a nail, to make something or it can repair by means of the adult to the boy to a shestiletka already quite.

That the young man saw an example for imitation, the thicket should leave it in the men's company. The son can go fishing, for example, with dad or hunting, to watch football or to repair the car in a garage. It already depends on preferences of your child. The main thing that he showed interest in occupation. 

And one more nuance in education of the son – the boy never has to hear that his father bad, even in those cases if parents divorced.

Conforming to these simple rules it is possible to bring up the real man in the child, to love the main thing, to appreciate and support him in everything.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team