How to bring up the successful and happy child

How to bring up the successful and happy child

Many people seek to be successful in various spheres of life, but most of all they want their children to achieve the success on a course of life. However, not always the child wants to reach something and, as a rule, parents of the kid are guilty of it.


1. First, it is necessary to begin always with work on itself. For example, unfortunate parents will not be able to grow up happy children, in the same way the situation is also with above-mentioned success. If parents do not aspire to anything, then of whom to children to follow an example, mom with dad for the first years of life are their mentors and authorities. Besides, it is necessary to remember that the emotional condition of parents is transferred to children, and if it is negative, then and it will affect the child not in the best way.

2. Naturally, parents at work quite often should be nervous, but here you should not bring this stress home precisely. Children very sharply feel mood of close people and adopt it.

3. Secondly, it is impossible to sponsor too strongly own child, usually mothers are inclined to it, they try to save the child absolutely from all troubles, at the same time do not allow it to step also to a step independently. Yes, parents do it for the best and it is not simple to get used to autonomy of own child, but it is important to be able to look adequately at a situation and to understand that if not to give to the child of necessary independence, then further he very strongly will suffer from it. How will the one who got used what all do for it people around be able to achieve success? The answer is obvious.

4. Thirdly, if to look at successful people, then it is possible to note that all they are very sociable, and it not the sprost. This quality is really necessary for each person, having it, it is much simpler to move ahead on a course of life, to reach heights. The fact is that in the course of life anyway it is necessary to meet various people with whom it is necessary to communicate if not to be able to do it, then to move a little it will not turn out. Parents and too on own example have to develop sociability too. If mom with dad never communicate with the friends or they have no friends at all, then the child will not understand how in general with them it is necessary to behave. Communication is absolutely needs of nature of the person and it is necessary to remember it.

5. Fourthly, the child needs to be loved, and he has to feel it. Perhaps, it is the most important. Children who were not loved or in relation to whom did not show this feeling grow up very unfortunate, closed in themselves and diffident. As a rule, they are afraid to stand out from the crowd, it is simpler to them to be on the second or even the third roles, parental love promotes that the child becomes surer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team