How to bring up the unpampered child

How to bring up the unpampered child

Your child will correct the behavior to the best and will not be spoiled if finds independence and will mature with your help.

It is almost impossible to spoil the child in the first year of his life, but during this period there is a possibility of laying of the base of his pamperedness at already advanced age. If parents are ready not to miss an eye from the kid day and night, all the time to entertain him, offering some or other pleasures, then they obviously exaggerate need of the kid for attention, leaving and care. Later several time such children understand that mom or dad are completely in their power, and in this situation both parties can suffer from tyranny and overindulgence.

Let's consider five principles which should be observed for education of the unpampered child:

1. Try to manage to explain to the kid a difference between his strong desire and need.

2. Together with children it is possible to collect all their books with toys which they do not play any more, a kidswear and to bring everything to orphanage. There your child will see that there are children who need care, who have no most important - parents and their love. It will also let know to children that there are people to what it is initially given less, than all the rest. Such acts also teach children to compassion and desire shares the with others.

3. Readiness that children always compare themselves to others

To compare itself to an environment - it is normal the phenomenon at any human age. All people have desire something will cause a stir from others, to lag behind and try to obtain great success. Therefore constantly there is a situation when the kid wants some thing only because friends already have it. It is possible to yield the position only in case of usefulness of this thing. If it is simply a knickknack, then it is necessary to try to explain why you will not buy it. It is also possible to suggest it ""to earn"", for example to clean up or learn something.

4. Try to teach the child of economy and planning of expenses

5. Teach the kid to earn.

Here of course it is not about full providing itself and the needs for early age. It is necessary just to accustom the kid that if he wants to have any thing, then she will not fall on the head, it needs to be earned. Thus for receiving the desirable he will try more in study and household chores.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team