How to bring up the wonderful child

How to bring up the wonderful child

There are no such parents who would not wish good luck to the son or the daughter. All mothers and fathers want to see the children in the future the good family men who are brought up by people, successful and educated persons. But that these desires were realized, it is necessary to know how to bring up the wonderful child at first.


1. First of all read the book by the American children's psychologist Henry Cloud in collaboration with John Townsend's psychologist "How to bring up the wonderful child". The book explains to parents as they can find golden mean between control of the child and his absence of control how to bring up from it the person with the normal vital principles how to help it to build up the character. You will find in the book and other answers to the numerous parental questions on education of the child.

2. Begin education of the kid with yourself, setting in everything to it an example. Be tidy if you try to obtain the same from the child, respect the parents, the senior people on age if you wish reciprocal feeling from the children, be a decent person if you wait for the same from the son or the daughter and so on.

3. The child needs at least 4 embraces a day for good mood, and for its full development the number of embraces has to increase to 12 and more. You give to the child as much as possible warmth, love and caress that he grew up the wonderful person.

4. Do not put complexes in the child, being irritated from his inept actions or children's mistakes. Encourage him, you praise, encourage when it does something new, makes, creates, draws also other.

5. Become for the child not his teacher, the tutor, the supervisor, and his friend, the person to whom he could trust entirely. And study of the child, with instructive or command tone, leave it to teachers and trainers of sports sections.

6. Cultivate in the kid sense of responsibility for someone or for some business. Charge it safely homework which it will be able to master care of close or animal. The more will be at the child of responsibility, the less time will remain on whimsical mood and hysterics.

7. Spend as much as possible time for communication with the child, games with it, an explanation of questions, important for it, as communication with parents will not be replaced to the child by neither expensive toys, nor entertainments.

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