How to bring up twins

How to bring up twins

At the birth of twins the parents feel double joy near which somewhere confusion close is. At times and one kid it is very difficult to bring up what to speak about two. Mental development of twins takes place as at singles, but has a number of the features. Approximately from half a year children begin to feel presence of each other and over time to be influenced by mood of another. By three years there is a distribution of functions among themselves, and the foundation of their future relationship which, first of all, depends on education is laid.


1. Development childrenof -twins is influenced significantly by their close contact among themselves. Of course, to them never happens boringly, they represent a whole. But it is one of the most widespread mistakes of parents at education of twins. You do not seek to bring up them as a single whole. So far they still small, identical clothes, food – all this is appropriate. But when children will grow up and will begin to realize themselves the personality, approach to education should be changed. Encourage identity of everyone. Call everyone by name and less often do generalization.

2. Though twins are very attached to each other, at some of them the competition, especially for parental love often develops. Therefore always pay identical amount of attention to everyone, accustom them to share with each other. If you praise or abuse one of them, it is impossible to compare his achievements or offenses to the brother or the sister. Compare the facts only with own actions. Do not use corporal punishments in education of twins. They will not understand why among themselves they are forbidden to fight, and it is possible to you to slap them. Among themselves also you should not interfere with the conflicts and fights of twins constantly. The less you pay the attention to them, the quarrels between twins are more rare. Do it only in extreme cases. When children begin to speak, pay them to the speech as much as possible attention. Twins repeat not only the speech of adults, but also imitate each other. Therefore try to correct competently and tactfully mistakes in a conversation of kids.

3. When choosing toys give preference to those objects which can replace each other that children could change them. So you accustom them to share with each other. Toys should not be identical if, of course, business does not concern bicycles, rollers, etc. It is inconvenient when one kid rides them, and another waits for the turn. For birthday you give gifts different, but not one for two. Choosing them, consider tastes and the interests of everyone. The same concerns also leisure. Do not send twins without their desire to identical circles or sections. One can like dances, and to another basketball and other. However similar methods should not concern school. You do not part children on different classes. Together to them will be much more convenient and quieter.

4. Often parents provide twins each other. But it is important to remember that it will be more correct to give them the chance of communication with peers and adults. Of course, twin children can quite do also without contacts with other people, but thanks to it, they can become isolated on themselves that will lead to possible complications in adaptation in collective. Very strong interrelation can do much harm them in the future at employment or creation of family. Encourage their independence. Sooner or later twins will grow up and their roads will disperse on the different parties. Also you remember that the main means in education of children the parental love, care and attention is considered. Prove to them that in each child you see the personality, and everyone them them is expensive to you equally. Only then you will be able to bring up kids correctly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team