How to calculate date of the decree

How to calculate date of the decree

Did you learn that you are pregnant? and ahead you have happy months of expectation of the kid. But there is a wish to foreknow when you can go on deserved leave. How to calculate date of the decree?


1. For a start you or by means of the obstetrician-gynecologist in clinic for women need to find out pregnancy term. The first day of the last periods is considered the beginning of pregnancy. At clarification of approximate date of childbirth the physicians consider weeks of pregnancy, beginning with this number.

2. Further the doctor will suggest you to undergo inspection in a gynecologic chair and ultrasonography. On the basis of these results it will be known more precisely on what pregnancy of week you are now.

3. Proceeding from it it is possible to calculate also date of an exit during a maternity leave. In our country it is provided to the women who reached full 30 weeks of pregnancy and makes 70 days before childbirth and 70 later. In case pregnancy polycarpous, is given 84 calendar days before appearance of the kid on light and 110 later. Also the term of a postnatal maternity leave will be increased for 14 days if did to the woman Cesarean section, or childbirth took place with complications.

4. It is possible to leave in the decree and before 30 weeks of pregnancy. But it is possible to make it only if remained with you not used your usual, put in a year, a holiday. Or because of feeling sick. But then it will be already absence according to the sick note, and it will be paid respectively.

5. If you not really well transfer pregnancy, then tell about it to the administration. Perhaps, they will understand your position and will transfer you to easier duty station or will reduce working hours. However, at the same time you, most likely, will lose in salary. But health and tranquility of mom and kid are more important now, isn't it? Get prettier to you pregnancy and easy childbirth!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team