How to calculate day of conception of the child

How to calculate day of conception of the child

Unlike men, the woman is ready to fertilization some days a month. Therefore if you plan to conceive the child, it is necessary to calculate favorable days when this event is most probable.

It is required to you

  • - test for definition of an ovulation.


1. The standard menstrual cycle of the woman lasts 28 days. In the middle of this term there comes the ovulation – not impregnated ovum leaves an ovary and on fallopian pipes moves to a uterus. In a pipe most often there is also an ovum meeting with a spermatozoon, and then the zygote moves to a cavity of a uterus and is attached to its bottom.

2. To determine date of conception of the child, you should know the cycle. Just divide the entire period from the beginning of one periods prior to the beginning of following in half, and you receive start date of an ovulation.

3. One more way of calculation of optimum day for conception consists in daily measurement of basal body temperature (temperatures in a rectum). Every morning, having woken up and without having got up yet, you enter a thermometer tip into a rectum. It is also possible to take temperature and in a vagina. It is necessary to hold the thermometer seven-ten minutes. To an ovulation temperature does not exceed 37 degrees, and after an ovum exit this figure increases. The first day when you lifted temperature, best of all is suitable for conception of the child.

4. It is possible to define favorable date for conception of the child, based on observations of allocations from a vagina. For couple of days prior to the beginning of an ovulation the dense and sticky allocations become transparent.

5. With ease it is possible to define day of conception of the child, having acquired the test for definition of an ovulation in pharmacy. There are two types of similar tests. Some define date of an exit of not impregnated ovum from an ovary, based on changes in composition of saliva, others – on changes in composition of urine.

6. Keep in mind that the ovum keeps viability within a day, and spermatozoa – within two-three days. Therefore pregnancy can occur not only in day of an ovulation. This opportunity remains within 6-9 days.

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