How to calculate the term of childbirth

How to calculate the term of childbirth

Each future mummy, even that which just saw positive test result on pregnancy immediately wants to learn the term of childbirth. It is quite normal, the pregnant woman should plan correctly the next nine months and to be prepared properly for treasured date. For determination of term of childbirth there are several ways.


1. Term childbirth it is simple to define, knowing date of conception. It is calculated quite simply. It is known that only in the period of an ovulation there can be a conception. The ovulation in most cases, occurs in the middle of a menstrual cycle. Therefore, conception also is the share of it. Duration of pregnancy averages 280 days. Here also it turns out that, having added to date of conception of 280 days, the term of childbirth becomes known.

2. It is possible to calculate the term of childbirth also by date of the last periods. For this purpose, by means of the calendar or mentally, of day of the last monthly it is necessary to count three months back and to the received date to add seven days. Such way most of all is suitable for women whose menstrual cycle makes exactly 28 days. If the cycle is longer, childbirth will occur after the result received by this method. And if the cycle is shorter, childbirth will occur earlier.

3. The most right result of term of pregnancy, to within one day, can be received on its earliest terms (up to 12 weeks) by means of ultrasonography. Possessing such information, it is not difficult to calculate both date of conception, and term of childbirth at all.

4. The pregnant woman should remember that her childbirth can begin sooner or later established to her or the doctor of term. Both health of future mummy, and her way of life, and congenital malformations of a fruit and also complication can affect it during incubation of the child. By the way, future mothers expecting birth at once of several kids give birth, as a rule, before an established period.

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