How to call a doll for the child

How to call a doll for the child

The masters making handmade dolls choose a name for the creations very carefully. For them it almost the same as to name the child. To think up a name to the doll bought for the kid in shop not so responsibly and difficult, but also there are rules.

Often producers of toys name dolls or release a series of dolls with one name. One of the most known such series – the well-known Barbie. But each doll has to have the name even if they are similar at each other as if sisters.

Why name to a doll?

Some parents of absolutely little girls think that they to the child to anything "excess information", and do not find it necessary to name each toy. It is enough to call a doll "ляля". To the child it is so simpler – they consider.

Psychologists do not agree with such opinion. The toy especially representing the person – not a usual game subject for the kid. Each of them has features, one may say, identity. From early age the child, calling the dolls on names, gets used that besides common nouns, there are also own.

Moreover, experts advise to name not only dolls, but also the toys representing animals.

What name to give to a doll?

The preschool child of 5-6 years without effort will pick up a name independently – its experience already allows to make it. The read fairy tales, the watched animated films, names of people around – are what to choose from! Perhaps, the kid will consult to mom, but you should not insist on the opinion. The child already has a personal perception of each toy, and it can differ from parental considerably. It is not necessary to tell the child the toy name specified by the producer too. Why to limit a flight of fancy of the little person? To think out a name for a doll is an interesting game, the creative process which is not suffering a rigid framework. But play dolls and children are younger. Here parents should join actively the search of a name or even to give it independently. The name has to be such that the child could say easily it without distortions. So, the three-year-old kid will hardly be able purely to utter Masha or Ira, and here or Ania will say "Tat" easily. Let the doll name will be habitual, but does not coincide with a name of the child. Children preschool children is egocentrics, they will be unpleasant "to share" a name with a doll. It is not terrible if over time the child begins to call a doll in a different way.

In role-playing games the doll can also receive "role" and the new name corresponding to it.

With age the nature of a game changes, the kid and his perception of a toy develops too can change.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team