How to call the boy in October

How to call the boy in October

By what name to call the child – one of the main issues for future parents. It is given once for the rest of life. And the destiny can even depend on a name. It is desirable to name the boy a name steady and courageous. Especially, if he was born in October – in time when the nature is preparing for winter and says goodbye to summer.


1. When choosing a name, address the calendar of names, the calendar. The calendar is the list of Christian Saints made on days of their commemoration. As a rule, for every day, several names are necessary. If you pick up to the child a name, being guided by the Saint, then will provide the child with protection for the rest of life. Day of a name is a day of the guardian angel.

2. The children born in October belong to two to signs zodiac – scales and a scorpion. If parents trust astrology more, then the son should choose by it a name which is advised by astrologers. The name has a certain force and if it is correctly picked up to character, then the person will have no internal conflict.

3. If parents decided to pick up a name, without being guided by the calendar and councils of astrologers, then it must be kept in mind that the men born in October are careful, practical, hozyaystvenna. They are decent and are not quick-tempered. The profession is chosen from the field of business, law or art. With friends and relatives they not always keep the word, can violate these obligations. But do not attach it great value because are always ready to come to the rescue of the friend if he in a trouble. Advice is not liked to be given, however, as well as to accept – are always based only on the opinion. Knowing all this about future child, parents will be able to choose a name to the child, having read values of names.

4. The man's names recommended for been born in October, there is a lot of. The choice at parents is not limited by several. A variety gives the chance to stop on a name which will be combined with a middle name and a surname. So it developed historically that the middle name plays not a small role in our country. It adds the status therefore it is important that the name was harmoniously combined with a middle name. But the most important – the name has to be pleasant to both parents. And not to be ridiculous or ridiculous for the modern person. Is not necessary to the child not strongly will be distinguished from peers, and the unusual name can become a laughing stock. And to the boy it is very important that he was accepted by friends.

5. There are some names suitable the boy born in October. According to the calendar – Veniamin, Mikhail, David, Konstantin, Ivan, Denis. On zodiac signs. Scales: Boris, Victor, Evgeny, Leonid, Makar. Scorpion: Arkady, Sergey, Fedor, Yury, Yaroslav.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team