How to call the February girl

How to call the February girl

The girls born in February have strong and determinate character. Their acts differ in impulsiveness. February women are inclined to doubt constantly, it is heavy to them to control the emotional rushes. Choosing a name for the girl who was born in the second month of year, it is necessary to consider strong and the weaknesses of her character peculiar to Aquarius. Under the influence of this zodiac constellation there is a February.

What they are the girls born in February

In old times, choosing to the newbornthe name according to the calendar, parents were guided also by season when the child was born. It was accepted to give a soft, gentle name to the child born in the severe winter thereby, kind of softening impact of the nature on the future of the baby.

Leadership skills of the girls born in February begin to be shown at very early age. They surely go towards a goal, quickly and surely make important decisions.

Undoubtedly, February children have unusual contradictory character. They are ambitious, impulsive and clever

February names for girls

Agniya. The Greek name which in translation means "pure", "clean". This name is capable to soften natural coldness of the girl born in February. Its character will be softer and appeasable that will help more than once it with life. Agafya. In translation from Greek – "kind", "good". This name will add to the child born in the winter, compassion and understanding. Anna. A Hebrew name which can be translated as "pretty", "grace of God". An ideal name for girls who were born in February. To the cold and prudent child it is capable to give to sincerity and to develop the creative beginning. Anastasia. The Greek name meaning "revival". This harmonious and unusually beautiful name is capable to bring happiness and good luck to the child who was born in the winter. Valentina. This name came from the Latin word of Valio which means "health", "power" and "force". This power and very strong name which gives to the owners positive and easy temper. If the child was born weak, this name is capable to protect him from diseases and to give vital forces. Victoria. Origin – from the Latin word "victory". The name gives to the owners contradictory character, however for the girls born in February, it very well approaches. This name is capable to bridle impulsive rushes which are peculiar to people who were born in February. Ksenia. This name has the Greek origin. Its value – "foreigner", "guest". The name is capable to make the owner more organized, efficient, patient and hardy. Christina (Hristina). The name has the Greek roots and "Christian", "devoted to Christ" means. Owners of this fine name differ in big cheerfulness and optimism. It makes the February girl more open and benevolent. Maria. A Hebrew name which is translated as "bitter", "stubborn", "favourite". The name Maria in various variations became the most widespread on the planet. It can counterbalance many negative traits of character which are inherent in any given zodiac sign. Other names which suit February girls: Inna, Rimma, Eudoxia, Olga, Ekaterina, Aleksandra, Veronika, Vasilisa, Alevtina, Galina, Zoya, Irina, Svetlana, Arina, Vera, Sofia, Pelageya, Feodosiya.

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