How to call twins

How to call twins

To choose a name for the child – it is very responsible. There is a wish that it was beautiful, suited character of the child and it was pleasant to him. And when you wait for two kids, doubts twice greater at once. It is necessary that names also were combined with each other.


1. Choose names which are not strongly similar on the sounding. For example, Olya-Ul, Vanya-Danya or Masha-Dasha at first sight sound lovely and interestingly. But small children can have difficulties and confusion with storing of own name.

2. Think how names in diminutive-hypocoristic option will sound. There are names which do not assume reductions, for example, of Iya, Yang or Dina. If you call one kid by the similar name, then and the second should name the same way.

3. Make a start from a middle name. Both names have to be combined with it. If a middle name too long – you do not choose long names. Pay attention to the termination of a name and the beginning of a middle name. If on a joint of words there are public and concordant letters, then a name with a middle name Oleg and Gleb Alekseevichi, Marina and Svetlana of Vasilyevna will sound softly and melodiously, for example. Combinations of several public or several consonants are said more difficultly: Anna and Irina Alekseevny, Konstantin and Rostislav Stanislavovichi.

4. Do not try to give to children names which begin on same letters. Danila and Diana sound beautifully, but if at you soul to any name does not lie and there is a wish to name the child not Danila, but Sergey, arrive as tells your heart. Children are not thoroughbred puppies or kittens. To what a similar framework and conventions?

5. Choose names according to a Christmas-tide. Perhaps, it is the easiest way. Recently it also craze. Always it is possible to choose from a number of names, those which are pleasant more. So, the children who were born on January 10 can give such names as Agafya, Antonija, Vavila, Glikery, Efim Ignatius, Nicanor, Pyotr, Seconds, Simone, Feofil.

6. Try to think up names so that one was not too widespread, and another very rare, for example Raphael and Sergey or Agrippina and Svetlana. Not the most successful option will be if one name very short, and another long, for example, Evangelina and Ada, or Svyatoslav and Gleb.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team