How to calm the newborn

How to calm the newborn

Very often young mothers begin to worry and panic when crying the newborn baby, without understanding his reason. It is necessary to understand that crying the kid expresses the desire to have a sleep or eat and also wants to share with mom about the unpleasant feelings.

It is required to you

  • Dry diapers, pampers, dill water, warm diaper, water, pacifier, breast milk, motion sickness on hands, walk on the street, the correct swaddling, clothes on a season, a warm, comfortable situation.


1. When the child lingering shout and the lasting handles reports that he is hungry, he needs to be fed even if time did not come yet.

2. The kid can cry because of wet diapers or a full diaper. They irritate the skin of the child and bring discomfort. The kid begins to complain, is weaker, is stronger. In this case, it is necessary to change a diaper and if it is cool to it to cover with a blanket.

3. Also, it is important to watch that the child was conveniently zapelenovan, without excess folds. If the kid shouts and at the same time tries to turn over, then perhaps to him bothered to lie on one side and it is better to change its situation.

4. Very often, the kid begins to cry because of a heat. Skin can become red and emergence of a potnitsa is possible. Therefore, in hot days you should not dress pampers on the child, it is better to use a thin diaper and a cap.

5. If the child cries and at the same time the hiccups, perhaps appears, he wants to drink or froze.

6. The newborn can cry also during feeding. He begins to suck a breast, and immediately comes off it with crying – it can be mucous because of inflammatory process. Very often the child cannot eat and begins to complain because of a stuffy nose. In such cases, it is necessary to see a doctor.

7. The child can begin to cry because of tummy pains, perhaps at meal time to it air got to a pacifier. In this case, it begins to turn in legs with plaintive crying. Therefore, it is important to watch process of feeding and after the kid ate, it is necessary to take minutes five it vertically to make an otrygivaniye.

8. The newborn can cry also because of intestinal gripes. To calm the kid, he can apply a warm diaper to a tummy or to put it to the stomach. Also help at gripes light massage clockwise on a stomach and dill water.

9. His fatigue is the frequent reason of crying of the newborn. The kid needs to be shaken on hands, or to come to walk to the street.

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