How to carry a baby sling a scarf

How to carry a baby sling a scarf

The baby sling scarf represents the most convenient and universal of all baby slings. It rushes on two shoulders and the long time can be used: since the birth of the kid before execution to it 2-3 years. Provisions in which it is possible to carry the child a set therefore such baby sling chooses most of mothers.


1. The baby sling scarf is a cloth up to 5 meters long and about 50-70 centimeters wide. Width of a baby sling depends on a type of fabric. If fabric well lasts, then there is enough 50-60 centimeters, and when choosing a baby sling from linen or cotton it is necessary to give preference to wider models – 60-70 centimeters.

2. The baby sling scarf is tied in a certain way around a back and the adult's shoulders, and the kid at the same time settles down in the formed pocket. Thanks to the crossings which are formed as a result of setting of a baby sling, the child is reliably supported and fixed.

3. It seems to many women that to carry a baby sling scarf not really conveniently because unlike a baby sling with rings, for example, it has long tails. However difficulties can arise only first, after several lessons you will easily seize this simple adaptation. As the baby sling scarf puts on through two shoulders and a waist, to carry the kid in it very easily, and load of a backbone is almost not notable.

4. It is possible to build a set of various designs for carrying of the child from a slnga-scarf. "Cradle" in which the kid is in lying situation will be suitable for newborns and babies. In it to the baby it is very cozy as rocking which is created by mom when walking, quite physiologically. The kid had such feelings within nine months, being in a mother's tummy.

5. The grown-up child whose backbone already got stronger and which independently begins to sit can be transferred in sitting positions: on a stomach, on a back or on a hip. In such situation it is possible to carry even 2-3-year-old tots.

6. It is possible to carry a baby sling scarf on any clothes. If it is combined on color or texture with your clothes, then will be the most successful ornament. When choosing a baby sling consider your flavoring preferences and also with what you will carry it. It is better to get a baby sling of neutral tone or that which will approach the most part of your clothes.

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