How to carry out prevention of flu at children

How to carry out prevention of flu at children

Flu is very serious disease as in many cases gives heavy complications. It is especially dangerous to the child's organism therefore parents of the kid should hold necessary preventive events in due time.

It is required to you

  • - timely vaccination;
  • - immunomodulators.


1. One of the main ways to save the child from flu is respect for personal hygiene as to them, and his parents. It is necessary to impart from the earliest age to the kid of the rule of hygiene: teach to wash it before food of a hand, explain that it is impossible to eat dirty fruit and vegetables. Tell the child that in common areas it is necessary to avoid to undertake handles, hand-rail and other objects which other people touched. And if not to avoid it, then it is necessary to wash hands surely.

2. You watch that the kid did not touch a mouth by fingers, it is one of the most widespread options of transfer of various infections. In an available form tell the child about microbes. Explain to him that it is very ugly to put fingers in a mouth not only, but also it is dangerous.

3. Very often spread of a virus of flu is promoted by parents, without airing the room adequately because of what at the house there is a dry and warm air. Therefore the apartment it is necessary to air a minimum twice a day, the child should be dressed more warmly at this time.

4. The best prevention of flu is the healthy lifestyle, this simple truth is confirmed with practice long ago. Walks in the fresh air, active games, healthy nutrition will help the child to avoid a disease of flu. In cold season do not dress the kid excessively warmly – he will sweat that only contributes to the development of catarrhal diseases.

5. In due time you carry out vaccination of children against flu, it reduces disease probability by 40-60%. Even having got sick, the vaccinated child will have flu much easier, without various complications. Modern vaccines are highly effective and safe.

6. Apply the immunomodulators enhancing ability of an organism of the child to resist to infections. For stimulation of vital forces use ekhinatseyu, a magnolia vine Chinese, an eleuterococcus, a rhodiola pink, but only after approval of the pediatrician.

7. During a season, dangerous on incidence of flu, apply the essential oils of a juniper, fir, an eucalyptus having disinfecting properties in rooms. Several drops of oil in a plastic lid are enough to drip and to put it on a windowsill, disinfecting substances will gradually spread on rooms, destroying harmful microorganisms.

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