How to carry the baby

How to carry the baby

The correct carrying on hands contributes to the good development of physical activity of the kid. There are several ways of movement of the child on hands depending on his age.


1. Carrying "on weight" is ideal for the kid from 0 to 3 months. Take the child so that he lay on your hands. Support by one hand a neck and a nape, and another – buttocks. At the same time the head of the kid has to be directed forward at the extended neck, and the trunk is slightly bent. Hands and legs are free. To avoid narrow-mindedness of the child take him alternately - the left, right hand.

2. The continence "on a hand" is optimum for the child from 3 to 6 months. Win over the kid a back on the hand so that his head leaned on your shoulder. The second hand press legs to each other. The kid in such pose feels safe and can examine everything that is around.

3. Carrying "before a stomach" is very convenient for the kid from 7 months. You keep the child before yourself in situation on a stomach and slightly turn it sideways. At this age the kid begins to learn to creep. One part of a body strains, at the same time hands and legs go forward or back. The second part of a body is bent at this time, the corresponding elbow and a knee come nearer to each other. Carrying "before a stomach" contributes to the development in the kid of skills of crawling.

4. From 10th month of life of the child it can be carried "on one side". This way is very useful to a backbone. Usually at this age the kid begins to learn to sit down independently therefore it can be transferred on one side in a sitting position. At the same time support him at the same time by a shoulder, the case and a hand. Do it as follows: develop a trunk of the child forward so that one his hand was located on your breast, and he could move the second freely. The forearm prop up his back, and support by a brush his knee in slightly bent state. Other leg the child has to cover your back. You carry the kid in such a way on one, on other side. Even if the child is already able to sit, this way of movement well influences a backbone, doing it to more flexible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team