How to carry the child in a carriage

How to carry the child in a carriage

Before young mummies there are many questions: how to feed how to dress how to look after the baby. And walks on the street cause fear: our streets and climate are not really adapted for comfortable and long walks. But here a lot of things depend also on what carriage you chose. For each stage of growing new or adapted "transport" in which to the kid it will be convenient and safe is necessary.


1. For the first walks of the newborn get a carriage cradle. In a cradle it will be convenient to kid to lie, will not blow him, from above it can be closed a cover and a mosquito net. When choosing a carriage pay attention to the chassis – of what material it is made whether it is strong, does not creak. For cradles there is one more important selection criterion. The newborn has to be facing you. You always have to see, whether conveniently for him whether its face is closed by a blanket, whether it srygnut and so forth. It is very difficult to have pins and needles in such moments through a window in a carriage hood.

2. Pay greatest attention to wheels. If the kid is born in the spring and in the fall you replace him in a stroller, the size of wheels does not matter any more. And here for children who will appear closer by winter it is better to find a carriage with big, wide wheels, it is better with inflatable. On such carriage you will not get stuck in snowdrifts.

3. If you buy a carriage two in one - a cradle and the walking block in which the child will go up to three years, choose models only on big wheels. Otherwise you should buy one more carriage in the winter.

4. Before putting the baby in a cradle, spread a special mattress in a carriage (can go in a set) and a diaper. And here the pillow, as well as in a bed, is not necessary to the baby. In the winter at first put a fur envelope in a carriage.

5. Learn to rock to sleep the baby correctly. Do not shake a carriage at all – at kids the vestibular mechanism is not developed yet, such rolling have an adverse effect on it. It is better to roll a carriage to and fro rhythmical, but not sharp movements.

6. Replace the grown-up child in the walking block. It is already interesting to it to look at the world, and the back of a stroller allows to regulate an inclination. Therefore at any time you can put the kid to sleep. The seat belt is provided in strollers. Take for the rule always to fasten the child. Even if it seems to you that the baby still it is not capable of anything, you also will not notice how he, having sharply extended forward, can drop out. Never carry a carriage if the child in it costs.

7. For travel choose an easy folding carriage. Such carriages develop one pressing, weigh a little, easily are located a trunk of the car and they can be taken aboard the plane. And, above all – on such carriage you can easily go to supermarket and even to inside of public transport. There are carriages canes which have no front bumper, so, are not suitable for children who are not able to sit independently yet. At such carriages very small wheels that does them convenient only in warm season.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team