How to carry the child in the car

How to carry the child in the car

Appearance of the kid is always connected with efforts: it is necessary to take care of a bed, a carriage, pacifiers, small bottles and so on. The list is huge. But for some reason the children's car seat is included in this list in the last turn. And it is very strange, the child, even the smallest, needs special protection.


1. Among parents the delusion is widespread that the baby needs to be transported only on hands. Certainly, so the child feels securely, but if suddenly it happens unforeseen, then mom will not be able just to hold the kid. In the American maternity hospitals the administration can quite forbid transportation of the child without special cradle. At us responsibility for safety of the child is completely conferred on parents. Unfortunately, sad statistics says that parents should pay for the carelessness too expensive: if all used special autofurniture for kids, child mortality in accidents would manage to be reduced by 70%.

2. If you consider that to buy to the child at first a special cradle, and then the chair is too unprofitable – get the combined chair. Such equipment can be used at first in a prone position - reclining, establishing it by a back to the movement, and then when the child a little grows up, to establish it sitting in the usual direction. However do not take a usual chair counting upon an outgrowth at all. So far the child will not grow to that age on which it is calculated, it will be in danger.

3. Transportation of the child in the special equipment automatically removes an accustoming problem to a chair from the birth. Children of 2-3 years which never went in a chair to seat in it it will be very problematic. In this case it is necessary to accustom gradually to sitting in it. Use his houses: let the child on him sit during meal, viewing TV programs and so on.

4. When the child already sits in a chair – important to occupy it and to distract. Try to choose the shortest routes that the child was not tired and did not begin to be malicious, at the same time surely buckle up – it will be very powerful argument for the child not to ache concerning belts.

5. To accustom the child to follow rules, never violate them. About a belt we already spoke. Same concerns also all other rules. Exceptions should not be. If the kid was tired and zavrednichat – at all do not unfasten either the, or his belt during the movement. It is better to stop, get out of the car, to warm up and after that to go further, again having buckled up.

6. Do not allow the kid to put out hands from a window. From its party the window can be open absolutely not much more. Many tragic cases occur for the reason that the child puts out in a window at first the handle, and then and the head.

7. You carry the child always only on back seat. It is the safest.

8. Do not leave the kid in the closed car of one under any pretext even if you killed the engine and opened all windows. Temperature in salon, especially in the summer, is much higher, than on the street. Even 5 minutes of stay of the child in superheated salon will be more than enough that he grabbed the heaviest heatstroke.

9. Never you transport the child on hands, having fastened him one general belt. In case of collision you just crush it the weight.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team