How to carry the newborn in a baby sling

How to carry the newborn in a baby sling

Mothers and fathers around the world use long ago baby slings for carrying of small children. Certainly, the main advantage of a baby sling that it is easy to put on and remove it. Also in it it is possible to shift without effort the child from one situation in another. Hands always remain free that considerably simplifies life of mom or dad.


1. The most widespread kind of carrying the newborn in a baby sling is situation "in a cradle". In such position of the child will conveniently carry about one year. At more advanced age of children in a baby sling transfer already sitting.

2. At first put on a baby sling a shoulder. Then take the baby so that he a breast slightly leaned on that shoulder which is free from a baby sling strap. Supporting the newborn for legs and a back, give him the necessary situation: put the child on the hand so that his head lay at you on a palm, and a body on a forearm. Now accurately lower the baby in a baby sling. Adjust strap length so that it was convenient to the kid and you.

3. There is one more method of laying of the newborn in situation "in a cradle". You can use any of the ways given here. Present that you are going to carry a baby sling on the right shoulder, and the head of the kid will lie to the right, by that end on which rings.

4. Put a baby sling on a changing table so that it was sostegnut, but the strap is tightened more weakly than when it is on you. Shift a strap aside that the place for the child appeared. Further put the newborn on the developed baby sling, along it, between foam rollers. But it is necessary to put not exactly lengthways, and with a small bias of a head to that edge of a baby sling which will not nestle on you after you put on it. Now, having bent, a podlezta in a baby sling under a strap, having pushed for this purpose at first the left hand, and then the head, at the same time the pillow has to appear on your right shoulder. Tighten straps so that the kid was more pressed to you.

5. In the first three months of life of the child it is the best of all to put in a baby sling, having turned the head to rings. Some kids like to sit in a rag highly, in a position "semi-sitting", others prefer the situation close to lying. It is pleasant to some kids when they are wrapped up from all directions and turned facing mummy, as when feeding the newborn a breast more.

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