How to catch the sliding floats

How to catch the sliding floats

The sliding float - the main element of the equipment without which not to do when fishing on long ranges. This type of a tackle is necessary if you want to teach the child to throw a rod far.

At early age children love competitions. Very difficult happens to find something that will be interesting to both the kid, and the adult. Fishing is occupation which will please both. Rods, tackles and a bait - will not bring special expenses. But the child will receive a storm of emotions when fishing.

The choice of a tackle - responsible business. It is unlikely will interest the child to catch at the coast. For this reason it is necessary to teach him to throw a rod as it is possible further. For this purpose it is necessary to use the so-called sliding floats. This type of a tackle is convenient that you can catch deeply. It is known that large fish lives at the bottom. Therefore it is necessary to use two stoppers for a float (one from below, another from above) and very remarkable color the antenna (it it has to be visible at long ranges).

The deaf equipment (without stoppers) reduces a throwing distance. And the sliding float allows to catch fish deeply far from the coast. You at any time will be able to increase or reduce distance of stoppers from a hook. Thus, changing depth, it is easy to define how many meters to the bottom. At the same time the antenna of a float has to be shipped perpendicularly in water (if it is inclined aside, or in general fell to water - the hook means lies on the earth, the distance of stoppers needs to be reduced).

The Samoogruzhenny sliding float has to have weight of 3-3.5 grams. It is necessary in order that at wind gusts did not swing the antenna here and there, and you every time did not think that the bite began. Also It should be noted that when choosing small weights round leaving on decrease are the best of all to use or one flat, rather powerful, or several. The float at throwing of a tackle has to fall by decent depth to water. Its antenna has to be painted with strips that at solar patches of light it was at once visible to you when the bite begins. When catching the rod on the sliding float at long ranges uses throwing same, as well as when catching by a spinning: throwing side on the right (at the left) or throwing because of a back. At short distances it is more convenient to throw from under a hand. The main mistake of the beginning fishermen, especially children, is that at distant throwings of a tackle when you begin to cut and pull out a catch, the upper knee of a rod quite strongly bends. A certain uncertainty in actions appears from behind it. You should not be afraid of the fact that the rod will break. Its flexible properties are calculated on quite decent weight.

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