How to cause an eructation

How to cause an eructation

Most of parents in the first months of life of the kid face such problem as vomiting. The reasons at vomiting a set, and one of the main – swallowing air by the child during feeding (so-called aerofagiya).


1. For a start it is necessary to find out the reasons of an aerofagiya and to cope with them. Main reasons three: - The excessive excitability of the kid during feeding - he widely opens a mouth, too greedy and intensively sucks. Such behavior can be connected with hunger or a low flow of milk; – Weakness of muscles of the child, immaturity of digestive system (the child was born premature, difficult delivery, patrimonial injuries); - And the most common cause – technically incorrectly organized feeding (both chest, and artificial). When breastfeeding the kid swallows air if when feeding it does not take a nipple areola, and only a nipple. At artificial feeding, air gets into the child's stomach if the small bottle when feeding is located horizontally, not all pacifier is filled with mix or an opening in a nipple very big.

2. For prevention of an aerofagiya it is necessary to fix all "technical problems" of feeding: - When breastfeeding the correct applying to a breast is necessary; - At artificial – such tilt angle of a small bottle that the pacifier completely was filled with mix; - You should not try to feed the crying child; - During feeding the head of the child has to be slightly raised.

3. However even at observance of these rules a small amount of air nevertheless gets into a stomach. Therefore after feeding it is worth taking the child in vertical position. Anyway, air in a stomach causes to the baby trouble. Therefore it is better to get rid of it right after feeding. As a rule, it is enough to wear 5-7 minutes the child "column" that air came out. It is possible to hold with a face from itself or to itself. If air is late, it is possible to stroke slightly the child on a back. But of course, it is impossible to spread after a meal the child on a stomach at all, otherwise together with air there will be also a most part eaten.

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