How to cease to shout at the child

How to cease to shout at the child

Constant shout cannot be considered as the instrument of education. Even if it seems to parents that in a different way the child does not understand and after you shout at him, does everything as it is necessary, it is not necessary to use this method often. First, the kid is just frightened and lost therefore arrives as parents want. Secondly, the authority of mom and dad after shout gradually comes to naught. In family, conscious education and understanding by the child of relationships of cause and effect of the acts and it is not necessary to speak about trust.


1. Fatigue can become one of the reasons why mothers shout at children. Therefore it is important to watch energy level, in time to have a rest, to correctly place priorities in household chores. When there is an understanding that it is more important not to wash the floor, and to find time for the kid when each opportunity is used for a dream or just rest on a sofa, but not for sitting on the Internet, then mom feels emotsialno more steadily. At the same time it is less than the probability to break on the child.

2. Except fatigue, their discontent with some vital sphere can negatively affect mood of parents. For example, mom is in the decree, is constantly angry uniformity of everyday life and because of it is on a platoon. The slightest offense of the child - and here already shout at it. Then it will be a shame to mom with the failure, but at that moment she cannot just keep. In such cases it is important to have a hobby, an outlet, to find time for itself. Then it will be less discontent.

3. It is not necessary to treat the child as the adult. Excessive insistence and the overestimated expectations can become the shout reason on the kid. Realize at every moment that the child is still small, he only accustoms to this world, be more indulgent. If you feel that now you will break, go to other room, vent the aggression on a pillow, for example. Or just turn away that the kid did not see your angry face, and you deeply breathe. Try to look at yourself with the child's eyes. Consider a difference in your growth, force and the status, so you will become feels elementary sorry for the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team