How to celebrate a birthday in a year

How to celebrate a birthday in a year

Soon to your kid year will be executed. This very important event in life of the baby and his parents. Also do not listen if say to you that he still small also will not be able to estimate the importance of a holiday. The first birthday of the kid needs to be filled with emotionally good points which will give an impetus to its development. In such day the child will be loaded with your excellent mood, and will feel happy.


1. Think over a daily routine. Before a holiday try to put the birthday boy to bed, or lie down together with it. Then at the baby, and you will keep forces for a holiday. Feed the child with that food to which he got used. Sometimes children do not want to eat at strangers and you should not feed them with adult food. And if the kid is full, then festive food for guests will not interest him.

2. In advance make the list of relatives and very close friends with whom your child is familiar. It is even better if your friends have a kid. Children will find a common language with each other, and at the same time your child will get wide experience, watching the little guest. If there is an opportunity, then acquaint the kid with future guests in advance, look whether he wants to communicate with these people in general. The attention of unfamiliar guests can tire the birthday boy. He will begin to be capricious or, on the contrary, to become isolated. Clowns can also frighten and the kid will not be able to estimate a festive show.

3. On the eve of a holiday while the baby sleeps, it is necessary to decorate the house. At the level of growth of the birthday boy hang up multi-colored tapes, balls, multi-colored posters. On a floor to spread a warm cover for little guests. At the head of an adult table put a children's high chair. Prepare in the certain place of a toy which you will spread gradually, otherwise by the end of a feast there will be nothing to play. Think over competitions and entertainments, pick up music. And still prepare a big leaf of a Whatman paper and paint. Tomorrow the birthday boy will draw the first art masterpiece.

4. Before a holiday teach the kid to blow out the candle, a task difficult, but feasible moreover with the developing effect.

5. Prepare a new toy about a bed. Greet since morning the baby tender with a smile, pleasant massage, feed with a breakfast, and then consider the room prepared for a holiday. Until guests came, occupy the child with examining and reading books, the designer, drawing.

6. During a holiday together with the child develop gifts. By rules of etiquette the gift is developed in the presence of the guest, and then you will manage to thank him.

7. The celebration comes to the end with carrying out of cake. To blow out the candle the birthday boy can be helped by parents. Remember that children can not have enough forces for the entertainments prepared by you. Act on their mood. Having seen off guests, walk with the kid in the fresh air who will calm him, and the birthday boy will sleep more strong.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team