How to celebrate a birthday of the child of 10 years

How to celebrate a birthday of the child of 10 years

Birthday is the best holiday from all, especially for the ten-year-old child, it is the first serious anniversary in his life. Parents worry, want to organize everything so that the kid for a long time had good memories. To celebrate a birthday that it became special and memorable, quite simply, for this purpose it is not necessary to end additional courses.


1. Decide that you will give. It is good if you are able to get everything that was planned. Do not save on trifles. Present to the child a holiday.

2. Decorate the room while the kid sleeps. Cut out large letters from color paper and make a congratulation. Buy balls of different flowers. The child will open eyes, and all family already nearby, kiss, congratulate, let he will feel that today its day.

3. Hide gifts in different parts of the apartment. Think up riddles. The kid will find a surprise, and with it and the hint where one more subject is hidden. The task will seem fascinating, even if the surprise contains insignificant things. It is possible to change slightly the task, for example, is required to pick all hidden candies to win the first prize.

4. If the child goes to school, prepare a treat for schoolmates. It is unnecessary to be limited to cheap caramels, it affects the authority of the kid. Let children will be glad together with the companion. In advance discuss with the child the admissible number of guests. You will collect their houses or in children's cafe, depends on the budget of family.

5. If a birthday drops out on warm season, it is better to celebrate it in the amusement park. Anyway, you can go there together before an official part with cake and congratulations begins. First, it is unusual, secondly, cheerfully.

6. Children need to run about, gambol. Think up outdoor games. Go to the yard bury a treasure, make the card. As a result, everyone receives on a gift.

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