How to celebrate the first year of the child

How to celebrate the first year of the child

To your kid year will be executed soon. This big event for all family, for these twelve months so much took place. Though the kid is still small for noisy actions, but the solemn mood, certainly, will be transferred also to it. How to celebrate the first year of the kid that it was remembered for many years.

It is required to you

  • - Poster of the birthday boy;
  • - Paper;
  • - Baby food;
  • - Nipples;
  • - Photo with the image of children;
  • - Nonalcoholic champagne.


1. Until the child got tired also on him fashionable and clean clothes, make the picture for memory. Later the kid can not want to dress up and pose. Also measure growth and weight by means of a beautiful wall tape. Photograph the moment of measurement.

2. Prepare the poster of the birthday boy where guests will be able to enter the congratulations. For this purpose put the kid on a Whatman paper and depict a contour of his body. From above sign the poster with a name of the child and specify his age.

3. For the first birthday suggest all attendees to play competitions. It will make a gala day even more cheerful and memorable.

4. For the competition "To Whom It Is Similar" take paper and draw on it the son or the daughter. Ask guests to express the opinion on that to whom any given part of a body of the kid is similar. Write down results, and at the end of a competition announce. Happens very funny.

5. For the competition "Mother's Instinct" prepare a set of photos with the image of kids among whom there has to be also a hero of the occasion. Put a pile of these photos before guests and ask to find photos with the birthday boy.

6. Get several jars of different baby food. Stick labels with paper and assign to each can the serial number. Suggest guests to try contents of each jar and to define what is a part of puree. Write down options. When the opinion of the last participant is written down, remove paper from labels. The one who will correctly guess contents of jars will become the winner of a competition.

7. Pacifiers will be necessary for you for the next competition. Declare that all once were children and it is a pity that many children's entertainments remained in the past. Distribute to two participants on a pacifier and ask to spit. That at whom the dummy will depart further wins.

8. Put on a bottle with nonalcoholic champagne a pacifier with a big opening. Distribute on a bottle to two participants. Who will quicker drink champagne, that also won.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team