How to celebrate year to the child

How to celebrate year to the child

The first birthday of the kid is his first holiday where he becomes the full hero of the occasion. It is always touching as in a year in development of the baby there were many changes. How to note this an event that the kid felt that it is his holiday, but to consider also that the baby did not get used to noisy feasts?

It is required to you

  • - camera or video camera
  • - photos of the child


1. That the memory of a birthday remained on many years and the child, having matured, could learn stages of the development, within a year take the picture in which sign age, growth, weight of the baby, his preference in food. And prepare the wall newspaper or an album for a birthday. And you will be able to remember once again how the kid grew, and guests will be able to track as quickly there passed this year. Take care of existence of the camera or video camera on the holiday.

2. Make a mold of a foot or palm of the kid, using the special weight, clay or salty dough. You can just circle on paper, and then paste this leaf in an album with photos. Now you can be sure that this important day in life of the baby, will remain in his memory.

3. Create the atmosphere of a holiday in the house, inflate and hang out a set of spheres, posters that the child saw these bright attributes, and to it it was cheerful. Surely present to the baby something. It can be a toy or something from clothes.

4. Arrange walk to the park. At all seasons of the year on the street it is possible to find many interesting and informative classes: consider leaves, play snowballs, etc. This day all your time has to belong only to the child.

5. If there is an opportunity, invite home professionals from agency on holding children's morning performances which will help to make a holiday unforgettable. In advance discuss with them details of your celebration. The child will not remain indifferent, seeing amusing clowns or animals.

6. Invite not only adults, but also children to birthday. And other kids will feel this feeling of a holiday. Make a festive dinner. During it guests will surely say many wishes to the kid. All kind words will surely be executed in life of the baby. And this day do everything that the child was happy.

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