How to check hearing of the child

How to check hearing of the child

Very important role in development of the child is played by good hearing. With its help the kid learns to distinguish voices, to imitate various sounds, and, therefore, and to speak. At first sight, precisely to define the kid or not, pretty difficult hears. But also this, apparently, almost impracticable task has the decision. It can check hearing at the child of any age to parents in house conditions without use of modern devices.


1. In time to understand that the kid has any problems with hearing, first of all, to be very attentive parent enough. Mom and dad should know some features of development of the kid at any given age, to monitor its reaction to external irritants, to loud sounds, a voice of people close to it and also to pay attention to the level of speech development of the kid.

2. The child is born with slightly muffled hearing, but by the time of an extract it from maternity hospital is heard by the kid at all not worse than any adult.

3. The alerted reaction to sudden loud sounds and a smile in response to a voice of mom are indicators of good hearing for the kid from the birth to 4 months.

4. The kid with good hearing aged from four up to seven months usually turns the head towards a sound or a familiar voice, smiles at the address to him.

5. From seven to nine months the tot has to make many various sounds, turn the head aside even quiet sounds, "mom", "dad" begins to understand the simplest words, for example, "give", "so far".

6. To turn the head on low sounds, to turn around on the name, to pay attention to the speaking person, the tot usually begins to murmur, imitate various sounds from 9 months to one year. Such actions at this age speak about good hearing of the child.

7. By two years the kid with good hearing loves when read it aloud children's books, accurately tells not less than 10 words, satisfies requests of parents, without facing them. If the kid attentively examines the face of mom or dad at a conversation, perhaps, he tries to read lips.

8. It is possible to check hearing at the child and by means of loudly sounding toys, for example, a whistle, a drum, a pipe. The principle of such check is very simple. The kid sits down on knees, for example, to mom, face to face. Dad plays the prepared instruments out of sight of the child at this time. From toys to the tot there has to be a distance of meter 3-4. Naturally, normal reaction of the child to the made sounds are turns of the head or body in the relevant parties.

9. Three small boxes filled on one third: one semolina, another buckwheat, and the third peas, can also help to define whether the child well hears. It is necessary to shake boxes at distance the 20-30th from the left and right ear of the child so that he did not see them. At the same time it is necessary to watch reaction of the tot to sound irritants.

10. At the slightest suspicions on bad hearing at the kid the parents have to address immediately the otolaryngologist for check of hearing of the child on the special medical device.

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