How to check sight of the child

How to check sight of the child

The sight helps the person to be guided with the world around therefore it is necessary to care for his health from the birth. At early age many problems with it can be prevented or minimized.

It is required to you

  • - special table or cards for check of sight


1. The sight at the child begins to develop with the birth and to 18-20 years. Therefore during this period do not recommend to perform different operations on eyes since they are still formed. In maternity hospital of the newborn the doctor examines and surely checks whether there are no what deviations. Of course at this time it is very difficult to tell how the child well sees, but elementary reactions to light will already be.

2. In a month of the child all doctors including the ophthalmologist have to examine. On the first reception at the kid will just look at eyes, will check reaction to light and ability to be focused on a subject and also fields of vision and whether there is no congenital squint. At this age not all children can watch something therefore all data will be very general. If there are any indications from the doctor, the child is brought a bit later, to months to three if everything is good, it is required to show the kid in half a year.

3. Need to show the child to the ophthalmologist in the first year life several times is connected with the fact that it is much easier to prevent some problems with eyes at this age. For example, squint, is well treated at early age, by closing of an eye for some time, and to children is more senior much more efforts for disposal of this disease will be required.

4. Further at the child check sight of times a year if there are no deviations. In case the doctor doubts the diagnosis, in eyes drops for expansion of a pupil are dug in, and in half an hour by means of the ophthalmoscope more detailed study is carried out. At this age some changes, including an astigmatism can be already visible.

5. When the child already begins to talk, the visual acuity by means of the table is checked. At first Orlova's method with images of animals and toys, a bit later - Sivtsev's table with letters is used. At this stage is defined whether the child well sees, at the same time it is desirable check of each eye.

6. It is possible to check sight at the child and in house conditions, for this purpose it is necessary to print out tables and to show them at three-meter distance, at more advanced age - on 5-meter. It is worth understanding that these data will be not absolutely exact and if there are any doubts, then it is better to address the expert.

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