How to check the fat content of breast milk

How to check the fat content of breast milk

Many young feeding mothers seriously are concerned by a question of structure of breast milk. Very often near them there are "well-wishers" explaining any concern and crying of the kid with the fact that breast milk, allegedly, has no sufficient fat content and nutritiousness. The first that it is necessary to remember - color, the appearance and taste of milk are not indicators of its quality and fat content. Approximate fat content of yours milk can be determined in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • test tube, 150 mm high; marker; ruler


1. Take a clean test tube. Measure distance in 100 mm from a test tube bottom. Put with a marker the corresponding mark.

2. Fill a test tube with the decanted breast milk. It is necessary to make it right after decantation. You should not forget that women's chest milk is conditionally subdivided into "front" and "back". The milk which is allocated at the beginning of feeding is called "front". "Back" – at the end of feeding. The percent of content of fat in "front" milk" is much lower, than in "back". At measurement of fat content of milk it is necessary to take an indicator of fat content of "back" milk into consideration.

3. Install a test tube in vertical position. It is the simplest to make it, using a special support or a support. Leave a test tube with milk, without closing it, at the room temperature at 6-7 hours.

4. Measure the formed layer of cream a ruler. Everyone millimetric divisions of a ruler will correspond to one percent of fat content. It is necessary to consider that fat content in breast milk depends on degree of emptiness of a breast. Than it is more in a breast of milk, subjects it is less fat. And, respectively, than the break between feedings is less, especially fat milk is received by your kid. According to standards of World Health Organization, the average fat content of breast milk is, approximately at the level of 4%.

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